Company profile

Created in January 2019, Job in Uganda (Royal Jobs Opportunity Uganda Ltd) is a private company providing services in the area of online recruitment and advertisement.


Our main mission is to "facilitate the communication between job seekers and employers operating in Uganda using online technologies".


Job advertising: Job in Uganda website provides an easy and optimal way of adverting your job vacancies to have high quality of applications and increase the chances to find the right candidate. 

Shortlisting services: Job in Uganda team can advertise your job vacancy and filter received candidates in order to deliver a final short list of best candidates in order to reduce your recruitment lead time.

Interviews & selection: Job in Uganda supports the companies' recruitment process by shortlisting and interviewing candidates for a given position.

Banner advertisingJob in Uganda website offers spaces for advertisement of your products and services. Your banner is displayed on our home page and is viewed by our visitors for a defined period. 

Mass-mailing / Newsletter Advertising: Job in Uganda is sending a weekly email newsletter to subscribers. An advertisement area is foreseen in this newsletter and can be used to inform our audience about new products and services within your company.