Human Resources Manager

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Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) is an investment institution established as a wholly owned government entity with the mandate to facilitate the industrial and economic development of Uganda.

Established by the UDC Act Chapter 326 of 1952, Laws of Uganda, the mission of UDC is to make long-term investments in strategic sectors of the economy in order to stimulate industrial and economic development and thus spur private sector growth. This UDC will accomplish through investing in sectors of the economy which at times are not readily attractive to the private sector alone either due to high initial capital requirements, resource constraints or low returns in an immediate future and yet provide a strategic bridge that would foster private sector developments due to minimized risk. In promoting development of a private sector-led economy, UDC seeks to maximize the benefits that ensue from specialized skills in the private sector while providing the critical government partnership required for the mutual benefit of the parties (government and private sector); hence the strategy of Public Private Partnerships.

Albeit being wholly government owned, UDC is governed in its investment decisions and operations by best commercial practice and prudence and maintains a strict commercial orientation while being driven by economic and financial return to the government of Uganda, the private sector and the people of Uganda.

UDC is committed to maintaining high professional and ethical standards in corporate governance, transparency, and accountability and therefore selects investments based on established investment principles and values. UDC usually does not necessarily take a controlling role or seek to influence operations in the companies in which it invests. While each investment is unique, UDC believes in the importance of having a long term vision, and as a result, is committed to investing for long-term, stable, sustainable, and risk-adjusted return on investment. UDC’s investments are not limited to any particular sector,geography, or asset class and include industry & mining, agroprocessing, infrastructure, real-estate, energy among others .UDC is committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards of corporate governance, transparency, and accountability.

UDC’s corporate governance structure includes the Minister responsible for Industrial Development, Board of Directors, and a Management Team. Although it operates with independence and investment decisions are based on the economics of each investment, UDC remains accountable to the Government of the Republic of Uganda and to the citizens of the Republic of Uganda.

The Uganda Development Corporatior (UDC) was set up by the Uganda Development Corporation Act 2016 as the investment arm of Government with the primary objective of facilitating industrial and economic development of the country,
This objective is met through; establishment of subsidiary and associated companies, entering into public private partnerships with any commercial, industrial or agricultural undertaking or enterprises, assisting in financing and management of undertakings promoting industrial or economic development; and promoting and facilitating research into industrial development,

In the quest to implement this mandate, UDC now seeks highly qualified and motivated Ugandans; to fill in the vacant positions listed below:
Senior Human Resource & Administration Officer.

For details about the position (duties, academic qualifications and skills), please check the Uganda Development Corporation Website: 

Job application procedure
 Applications accompanied with detailed curriculum vitae, copies of academic transcripts and telephone contact, names and addresses of 3 (three) referees should be addressed and hard copy delivered to
The Executive Director, Uganda Development Corporation, Floor 5, Soliz House
Plot 23 Lumumba Avenue
P. O Box 7042 Kampala
Deadline for receipt of applications: 18th November 2019
Only Shortlisted Applicants will be contacted
Applicants must not be above 54 years of age