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One World Coders Rwanda Limited

One World Coders is a premium software consultancy with developers working from Kigali, Rwanda.
OWC carries the banner of high-quality software development into its global offices and provides high-quality and affordable software development that crosses borders.

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Here is your chance to train, and work in Rwanda and or Uganda and earn a great salary as a software developer. You can become a One World Coder.

How does it work?

First, you will learn in a 6-month apprenticeship. You’ll be provided with a stipend to work under the mentorship of a very experienced professional coder(s). Building on your previous education, you’ll learn the fundamentals of high-quality software design and development. You’ll be exposed to a broad range of technologies and programming techniques in a learner-focused environment.

After the apprenticeship period, you will join our software development and consulting team. You’ll work from Rwanda and or Uganda with clients from all over the globe, especially the US and Europe.


Relevant Education

Ability to build a simple application in any programming language

Possess authorization to work in Rwanda and or Uganda

The Ideal Applicant has …

A high Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

A passion for solving problems through code

A love of learning technology

A passion for producing high-quality code

About OWC:

One World Coders is a partnership with 8th Light, LLC, a US, and UK-based software consulting firm. OWC recruits, trains, and employs talented, bi-Cultural, offshore coders for the US and UK markets. With its headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda, OWC is providing a compelling career journey for coders from East Africa.

OWC Values

  • Continuous Learning
  • Global Quality
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Shared Power
  • Generous Opportunity


The deadline:25th December 2021.

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