Uganda PEPFAR Country Coordinator (PCC) - GS-15

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The United States Agency for International Development is an independent agency of the United States federal government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.

Uganda PEPFAR Country Coordinator (PCC) - GS-15

date: July 15, 2020

USAID/Uganda is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Personal Services Contractors (PSC) - Uganda PEPFAR Country Coordinator (PCC) - GS-15

ELIGIBLE OFFERORS: In order to be considered for this position, the offeror must be a United States (U.S.) Citizen or Resident Alien – offshore or resident in Uganda.

Opening date: June 16, 2020

Closing date: July 15, 2020

The PCC will serve as the primary point of contact in leading all activities related to PEPFAR in Uganda and playing a critical role in managing the planning, implementation, and reporting of program performance of inter-agency programs.

The primary responsibilities include: facilitating communications between and among the various USG departments and agencies involved in PEPFAR implementation; liaising routinely with S/GAC in Washington, DC; managing communication between the PEPFAR team and the national entities; and leading coordination with efforts with Government of Uganda agencies, including the Uganda AIDS Control Program (and other programs in the Ministry of Health such as the National TB and Leprosy Program), Uganda AIDS Commission as well as with bilateral/multilateral donors, including Global Fund, World Bank, Department for International Development, Irish AID, Danish Cooperation, UNAIDS, and civil society organizations coordinated through their designated networks. The PCC also directs the operational tasks for PEPFAR management in Uganda, including the development of annual Country Operational Plans, reporting for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual performance cycles, preparing responses to congressional inquiries and local requests for information, and serves as the primary liaison for the Uganda USG PEPFAR Team with all external communications.

In addition, s/he will provide advice and counsel to the COM and Deputy Chief of Mission, as well as other agency leads, on all matters related to HIV in Uganda. The PCC will have the authority to recommend final decisions to present to COM when consensus cannot be reached by the PEPFAR interagency teams.

The PCC must have the following qualifications:

  • An advanced degree (master’s or higher) in a relevant professional discipline, such as Public Policy, Public Health, Administration or related subject;
  •  Eight years of progressively responsible professional-level experience at the international program management level and experience working internationally in the design, implementation, and evaluation of public health programs, preferably with a focus on HIV/AIDS;
  • Level IV English ability (fluent) is required (S-4/R-4 FSI equivalent). The PCC must possess a high degree of proficiency in both written and spoken English;
  • Strong interpersonal relations and problem-solving skills and positive team orientation;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Strong capacity to multi-task, including managing, prioritizing, and fulfilling competing demands in real-time;
  • Available and willing to work outside the regular 40-hour workweek when required/necessary;
  • Willing to travel to worksites and other offices as/when requested.

How to Apply

Access detailed solicitation document SOL-72061720R00013 at: or send an email to copy